Friday, August 21, 2009

Survey Sites

Here are a list of survey sites I currently participate in. I use my regular e-mail, but you may want to set up a separate one for the many e-mails you will get from these sites. It’s a great way to earn a little extra money for that vacation or Christmas (which is what I’m saving up for!)

Few surveys, but excellent payout!

Valued Opinions
$11.00 (I think you have to have $20 to cash out for gift card)

Send Earnings
If interested, I can send you a referral
Get paid to read e-mails. I’ve earned most of my points by taking advantage of their cash offer rewards. Generally costs less out of pocket than what the reward is. I’ve used them to buy some Christmas items.
($30 to cash out)

Inbox Dollars
If interested, I can send you a referral
Sister site to Send Earnings
You can sign up for both
$5 (I just cashed out at $33.79 and got another total $5 bonus)

If interested, I can send you a referral
48,800 (30,000 for $10 Cash)

4,100 points
(Ex: 3500 for a $5 Starbucks card)

I gave up on this site because I never qualified for most of the surveys.
$5 (Cash out at $5)

You can earn points even if you don’t qualify for a survey.
7,175 points (at 31% of goal of 22,000 points for Amazon Certificate)

Survey Spot
I gave up on this one, not sure why. I think I will start taking them again. I only do the one’s that offer tha $ rewards, not the one’s that only offer sweepstakes.
$5 (only took 2 surveys!)

HCD Surveys
If interested, I can send you a referral
A lot of political surveys. Relatively short and more fun than others. Surveys fill up fast, so you have to act quick.
460 points (1,000 to cash out for $10)

Zoom Panel
If interested, I can send you a referral
Kind of slow, surveys are not too long. No gift cards, just merchandise. Earn 5 points even if you don’t qualify.

I really enjoy this one.
3,850 (Lots of Food gift cards starting at 550 points for a $5 card)

Global Opinion Panels
11060 (5,000 for $5)

My Points
If interested, I can send you a referral
Another paid to read e-mails. Plus you can take surveys and get points for shopping online. I love this site!
3,171 (3,600 for a $25 CVS gift card!)

Opinion Outpost
If interested, I can send you a referral
By far one of my favorites.
$25.60 (Cash out at $5)

Approximate Earnings to date: $209!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Breastfeeding Blog

I just came across a great breastfeeding blog (wish I would have found it about 22 months ago!) She is hosting a give away for a baby carrier. Go check out her site!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bzz Agent Reporting for Duty

I received a lovely little package in the mail today. It was a Glade Sense and Spray. I had actually just purchased 4 this week from Walgreens (ok, I didn't really buy them, Walgreens paid me to take them :)
I really enjoy this product. I like the fact that it does not waste fragrance. It is motion activated, so it only goes off if you walk by it. The light on front gives you a couple flashes warning you it's going to spray which could definitely be a plus if you have it somewhere where the spray could reach you. This is a great way to keep your room fresh. I have mine in the bathroom.

Check out Bzz Agent here

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Best CVS run to date! $2 profit!

3 Garnier Fructis @ $10.00

3 Cheerios @ $10.00

4 Herbal Essence @ $2.88 each

1 Aveeno @ $3.99

1 Crest Pro-Health @ 2.99

3 Vaseline Lotion @ $3.69 each

1 M&M (filler) $.50

Total $50.07

Less $10/$50

Less $18.60 coupons

Less $21 Extra Care Bucks

Totall OOP $1.12 Earned $24 ECB